About ICAD

"The only thing that is constant is change" – Heraclitus.

UCSI University's De Institute of Creative Arts and Design – or better known by its acronym ICAD – is where the "magic" begins.

Catering to the needs of creative industries, ICAD offers unique art and design programmes that seek to equip students with fundamental knowledge, creativity and competencies needed in today's dynamic marketplace. Under the tutelage of experienced academics, students will be schooled in industry know-how and will learn to hone their creative expression.

ICAD prides itself as an institution that is tenacious in its commitment to design excellence and has established a strong reputation for tie-ups with the industry. In line with the University's Praxis model – an approach that advocates the application of theory to practice, ICAD brings industry learning into the classroom through internships, insightful industry talks and workshops, to name a few.

Riding on its "Art Meets Technology" concept, ICAD is committed to shape tomorrow's designers today.

Join the movement for change. Make your mark in the world.

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